48 hours in Venice:

FeatureOkay so I may have gotten home a month ago and not posted anything at all but hey ya gurl needs a break, vacation is more stressful than being at home for me. Is that just me? You know when you feel like you have to see everything, do everything and make that thousand dollar plane ticket worthwhile. That was me for most of Europe BUT I can honestly say I have zero regrets.


Washing no peopleIMG_9268


So a few months back I began my journey to study abroad for 6 months, but what better what to christen the trip than with a little pre-exchange trip. First stop Venice: To be perfectly honest I don’t really remember the specific details of what we did but Venice is relatively small and its easy to wander around aimlessly and still enjoy your time. But if you’re like me and want to plan a little or have some idea of what to do or expect here’s 5 touristy things to do in Venice.

1. Head to Piazza San Marco

Good RiddanceIMG_9292


2. Have a picnic at the Gardini della Biennale


Bai bread
My sandwich that I bought to the gardens


3. Go to the Grand Canale

of course IMG_9279

4. Eat all the gelato Collage.jpg5. Go for a Gondola ride



48 hours in Venice:

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