Bellisimo Bergamo:


Before coming to Italy, I’d never heard of Bergamo and asked my friends (who planned the entire trip, yep I’m that person that just tags along) why it was on the list. Turns out there is an airport here which we would be using to hit up out next stop and its close to Milan. Luckily for us Bergamo had just enough for us to see and do in a day. Bergamo is split into two parts the Alter (upper) city,




and the Basser (lower).


Personally, as a tourist I enjoyed Città Alta much more as all the character and historical aspects of the city are situated there. Also, being someone who chases rooftop views or climbing to the tops of cliffs to catch a good view, the Città Alta offers a great view of the town below.


We took the funicular which connects the two parts of Bergamo. The little train carriage type thing, takes you up a steep slope right to Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe which is the market square in Upper Bergamo. It was around 1.3 one way. You can walk from Basser Bergamo to Alta but the funicular is super cheap and has amazing views.


We picked up a free map when we bought the funicular ticket and followed the path that led out of the square to a track circling Città Alta. It took us past both San Giacomo Gate and Sant’Agostino Gate as well as along the Venetian wall.

IMG_9400IMG_9401IMG_9404Views from out hike along the Venetian walls, towards the gate.



The Cappella Colleoni is located towards the center of Città Alta in the Piazza Duomo and we came across this church on our walk back towards the market square. This is apparently the old city center, before Piazza Vecchia was built.


And finally the Piazza Vecchia. After a long day of exploring and site seeing, Piazza Vecchia is the best place to find something to eat, go shopping or even do more exploring. Even after spending an hour of two in the square we still had no idea what event was taking place. We did however, try and step on rocks made of ice, and sit under cotton fluff clouds located in the white building.


Bellisimo Bergamo:

15 thoughts on “Bellisimo Bergamo:

      1. I haven’t either! I think its a small town. The only reason I know about it is I watched a documentary about Pope John XXIII and it said he was born just 10 miles from Bergamo in Sotto il Monte


    1. Same! Italy is one of the places that everyone hypes up but it did not disappoint. The duomo’s are actually so beautiful, every time we see one we’re always like how did they even build that back then? But totally would recommend Bergamo!


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