Little Lecco:


My, am I glad to be posting this one. Lecco has got to be my favourite little get away place in Italy. No need to gasp I have yet to visit Rome, Florence, Cinque Terra or the Amalfi coast (although none of these places are little get aways) but if you have and you still think Lecco is better I would love to know. My only regret is only spending a day there. Here’s a small glimpse of the beauty that is Lecco:



Ice Cream collage

Too much gelato in one day? Never!

Bye manIMG_9433IMG_9447IMG_9456IMG_9455

Hot tip: for the kids from places like Australia where sand is actual sand. Warning the sand here are pebbles and little rocks. Its so painful to walk on but what we did is walked to the water in our thongs and then chucked our thongs back to where our beach chairs were. If you’re a bad thrower … well … No pain, no gain right?


Also, I’m not sure if their are a lot of public beaches here but we went to a private one and didn’t have to pay entry. We did have to pay for a beach chair or a kayak or some item per person. As for renting the kayak it was €15/hr and we had to leave some form of ID/credit card with the owner. If you can, leave something invaluable, such as a university ID card which can be easily replaced. I would not recommend leaving your passport. There was a slight kafuffle as we tried to get our ID back and a bit of a language barrier, and for a second we were so scared we wouldn’t get our IDs back.


P.s. would definitely recommend kayaking in the lake the view of the mountain up close is absolutely breathtaking and sure you can see it from the shore but seeing it up close is just a surreal experience. Call me crazy but you should definitely try it.

that window thoOther Mountain

Woops, this was meant to be a photo diary, but I thought I’d add my experiences just in case it can make any of your trips a better one.

Little Lecco:

11 thoughts on “Little Lecco:

    1. Oh my gosh no way! It looks like such a liveable city, a good amount of quiet but still enough things to do, and keep you busy. Wow, I’ve never heard of Lago d’Iseo but it looks incredible. Have you been to Como? How does it compare between Lecco and Lago d’Iseo?


  1. It took some digging to figure out what gelateria you went to but now I’ll just have to go visit and soon! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to central Lecco.


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