Dublin Diaries:


I was a little disappointed we were leaving Italy so soon for Dublin as I had only just arrived. But alas, my friends’ school terms had begun and they had to fly to Dublin to settle in. To be fair one of my friends, the palest of us all was starting to resemble a brownie (in skin colour). Unfortunately once I left Italy that was the end of my Summer I barely saw the sun again … and that’s not even an exaggeration. Little did I know I would return home 5 months later, 4 shades lighter.



I’m glad I went to Dublin before heading to London and then settling in Sheffield (where I was studying abroad for 5 months) because even though it did rain incessantly, it was periodic. We got an hour or two of sunshine and then it would rain and then the sun would come back again.


Despite warnings from basically everyone I knew, I had yet to find a waterproof coat and refused to bring or buy an umbrella so I returned home everyday drenched. My converse shoes suffered a beating too and I burned through the rest of my clean socks.


Regrets? Only one: not going to Galway


Dublin Diaries:

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