Howth you doing?


Haha sorry I couldn’t help myself, its terrible I know.

After spending a whole day exploring the city, I thought I’d seen most of Dublin city center or at least what I wanted to. If you’re wondering why you didn’t see pictures of the Guinness Storehouse or any beer refinery for that matter, its simply because I just do not like beer. The wheaty after taste is … well to put it simply, gross, sorry. Believe me I tried! I spent a good 5 months getting acquainted to beer and then drinking it at every city in Germany, I even gave Guinness a go and now I’m not sure if I hated beer more before studying abroad or after. Dark beer is not something I can handle but the advice is to apparently keep drinking light beers and eventually I’ll come to like it (sounds a lot like settling to me).


Anyhowth (see what I did there haha, okay I’ll stop) I decided to venture out of the city, on my own this time since the others had orientation, and Google suggested Howth: an easy one day hike about 30 minutes from the city.



The views from this place are absolutely breathtaking. At certain points, it really feels like you’re standing on the edge of the world. When you look out and all you can see is the horizon and the ocean encircling you. I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and awe at the scene before me. Then I also got really sad because I realised most of my family and friends were on the other side of that ocean, but grateful, mostly grateful that I had the opportunity to embark on this journey.


For me my 5 month student exchange really began in Ireland when I stood on the edge of the cliff and it finally hit me that I was miles away from home on my own. So dramatic, you may say, yes, that’s me in a nutshell.


Sold? Okay so how do you get here: I took bus 31, which goes all the way to Howth Summit. However, that is not where you want to go. You want to get off at Abbey st or Asgard Gate stop and then walk to the beginning of the trail.


Unsure of where to get off, I went all the way to the summit and walked the track backwards, back into the fishing town, which is also fine but the track is a bit harder to find that way. After several wrong turns, I stumbled into a car park and then down a very steep dirt trail, to some stunning views but I did have flashes of this is it I’m gonna die and no one will be able to find my body.


Of course, these are just crazy thoughts you have when you hike on your own and don’t come into any human contact for an hour or so. Like I said I’m an absolute drama queen. Once I decided I’d ventured far enough and even Google maps didn’t know where I was, I headed back to the car park and found the end of the cliff walk trail, which I then embarked on.

The hike is about an hour or two with several loops so you can even go a few times and still get different views.


I’m not entirely sure which path I went down because I wandered off paths to explore a lot. Curiosity, and the fear of missing out always gets the better of me but I can guarantee whichever path you take you’ll be treated to unforgettable views.

Howth you doing?

7 thoughts on “Howth you doing?

  1. It’s okay to not like beer! I hate beer as well for the same reason @__@. (Ales over IPA if I really have to). These are some amazing views! Love the greenery and lighthouse! I need to book a trip to Ireland one day!


  2. I’m not going to lie, your post title is greatly appreciated haha I love the pun. Anyway, this seems like such a fun little adventure, I love the colour of the houses and the ocean and the pretty surroundings. This is just making me want to revisit Ireland haha.

    Have a good weekend dude 🙂
    Amy; Wandering Everywhere


    1. Haha not too cheesy? 😉 It really was a great mini day trip thing. Aren’t they so cute? It was great they were so close to the ocean too. I have to book a trip back sometime too.

      You too!


  3. Ahhh, love everything about this post! Looks like such a good place for a hike. Your photos look stunning as well! Speaking of beer, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it but now I love it. Thought Guinness is just a big no to me. I despise the taste of it.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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