Little Lecco:


My, am I glad to be posting this one. Lecco has got to be my favourite little get away place in Italy. No need to gasp I have yet to visit Rome, Florence, Cinque Terra or the Amalfi coast (although none of these places are little get aways) but if you have and you still think Lecco is better I would love to know. My only regret is only spending a day there. Here’s a small glimpse of the beauty that is Lecco:



Ice Cream collage

Too much gelato in one day? Never!

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Little Lecco:

Bellisimo Bergamo:


Before coming to Italy, I’d never heard of Bergamo and asked my friends (who planned the entire trip, yep I’m that person that just tags along) why it was on the list. Turns out there is an airport here which we would be using to hit up out next stop and its close to Milan. Luckily for us Bergamo had just enough for us to see and do in a day. Bergamo is split into two parts the Alter (upper) city,




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Bellisimo Bergamo:

48 hours in Venice:

FeatureOkay so I may have gotten home a month ago and not posted anything at all but hey ya gurl needs a break, vacation is more stressful than being at home for me. Is that just me? You know when you feel like you have to see everything, do everything and make that thousand dollar plane ticket worthwhile. That was me for most of Europe BUT I can honestly say I have zero regrets.


Washing no peopleIMG_9268

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48 hours in Venice: